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[INFOGRAPHIC] Meditation Simplified

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Meditation has become mainstream and it seems like everyone is doing it. But...are they really? I think that even the word "meditation" can trigger negative emotions from shame (because we think we SHOULD be doing it), to judgment (people who meditate are too "woo woo").

We want to simplify the concept and make it fun and accessible because the benefits are proven and simply amazing!

We're all familiar with a toddler meltdown, right? Much like toddlers, we get overstimulated and need to calm our nervous system. So meditation can be like the "time out" parents use with their unhappy kiddos, giving us time to collect ourselves. Our DNA hasn't changed in over 10,000 years but our world has changed in more than 10,000 ways and at a rapid pace. We're not built for the world we live in so we need tools and practices to support us.

Find your own way to meditate; it is a very personal practice. Explore different types and techniques such as guided, visualization, body scanning, or moving meditation. Try different times of the day. Be patient with yourself and curious about what thoughts may come up for you.

For me, meditation has become a quiet time where I slow down enough to listen to that trusted voice inside that guides me. It has helped me make better decisions, be more aware of my emotions, and fostered a deep gratitude practice.


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