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Diverse Hands

Our people make us unique

We strongly believe people of every race, religion, orientation, and background are to be accepted and treated with dignity. 

Brilliant Muse is an equal opportunity employer. Because we live in a global world, it’s important that we have a team with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, and experiences. This is why we incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything we do.

Our team is a beautiful mosaic 

Professionally, our collective experience spans many degree types and industries. Personally, as a remote team located in various geographies, we also love to take pride in work-life balance, which allows flexibility to prioritize our hobbies, passions, friends, and family - including our four legged fur babies.


Types of degrees &
certifications across the team

From Theatre Arts to Fashion Design to History and everything in between


Industry backgrounds

From Speech Pathology to Nonprofits to Pharmaceuticals to Travel and more

Peerson Hiking




Image by Roger Harris


Woman Eating




Woman in Bookstore Reading


Muser Cities Across the U.S.

Map of Muser Locations
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8 (2).png

Our Commitment

We’re excited to introduce Mosaic, a fundamental commitment that recognizes and celebrates all of us. Built upon diversity of thought and experiences, Mosaic is all about making an impact in and beyond the business. 


We are dedicated to helping people (personally and professionally) live their lives with passion, enthusiasm, and radical well-being. Mosaic represents our intention to incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into everything we do. These important attributes are the highest priorities and driving force of Brilliant Muse - they’re part of our core values, the heart of what we stand for.


We’re committed to taking the following actions in support of an inclusive workplace:


  • Creating and operating a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee comprising team members from all levels of the company

  • Providing all team members with a safe avenue to voice concerns regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace

  • Supporting flexible work arrangements that accommodate the different needs of all team members

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