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Working by the Pool

Our people are our biggest asset

That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for talented people who have an open mind and allow curiosity to guide them on their quest to greatness. 

Silicon Valley based, our amazing clients are global technology leaders, filled with great people that need help with a myriad of fun projects, which means we are always recruiting!

Who We Look For

Organized & Innovative

You can create order from chaos while managing multiple projects simultaneously with comfort and ease.

Fun-Loving & Kind

You take your work seriously, but never yourself. Others enjoy working with you.

Extremely Reliable

Everyone knows that when you take on a task - whether it’s huge and scary or tiny and boring - you’re going to see it through to the best of your ability.

Curious & Growth Mindset

You’re constantly asking questions and have a strong desire to learn.

Scrappy & Resourceful

You embrace ambiguity - every unknown is an adventure. You’re comfortable taking action to find the information you need to proceed.

Helpful & Change-Oriented

You have a passion for making things better than you found them, want to make a difference, &  are proud of the excellence and quality you offer.

Emotionally Intelligent

You have cross-cultural awareness, working with global teams in multiple time zones.


You care about how your work and your attitude impact those around you. Everything you do runs through this filter.

Comfy Working Remote

You work comfortably in a global virtual team environment, and are flexible with working hours based on the role and stakeholders.

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What We Offer 

Our people are who we are and we take care of them. We believe that teams can be productive and work at peak performance while enjoying a healthy work/life balance - as long as your client needs are met, you find the balance that works for you!



Opportunity to have a fully remote work environment. This means no commute, zero emissions, and working from the comfort of….anywhere.


Onboarding Bootcamp led by our supportive team of experts & a Buddy System mentorship program to set you up for success.


Autonomy - you’re able to bring your own ideas and creativity to the table and make great things happen all. day. long.


True dedication to team members through numerous engagement programs, including philanthropy and DEI initiatives.

Become a Brilliant Muse Project Manager

We offer a variety of roles in project management - everything from strategy, marketing, and UX to business operations, compliance, and finance, so there’s room for everyone at Brilliant Muse! 


Aside from the awesome qualities we listed above, we look for a range of the following experiences when we’re bringing on project managers to the team:

  • Outstanding analytical, business, decision-making, leadership and organizational skills

  • Keen understanding of KPIs, reporting, and the importance of insights

  • Confident working with all levels of an organization with impressive presentation skills


Are you a creative and optimistic problem solver who naturally collaborates, doesn't require a lot of direction, and has a diverse background? 

Check out more details about being a project manager with Brilliant Muse and apply to join us today!

Become a Muser
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Not sure where you fit in?

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