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Workshops for personal & professional growth

Helping people thrive personally and professionally is our mission at Brilliant Muse. We know that life can feel hard, and our ever-changing, constantly-demanding world can start to weigh on us. 


All of these emotions can lead to dissatisfaction, lack of motivation at work, and an overall decrease in our productivity. That’s why it's important to invest time in ourselves and our teams, so we can stay present and learn to thrive in the everyday.

The Power of Me: The Value of Bragging at Work

Learn to be comfy celebrating your success and sharing how those accomplishments made you feel, highlighting kudos and impact.

How to Shine in the Workplace: Small Behaviors Making a BIG Difference

Leverage an impressive portfolio of best practices from veteran Musers who want you to be successful too! 

Prep for Performance Review & Promo with Impact

Shift from reactive to empowered and lead with pride as you prepare for the review process for yourself or your direct reports. You will see the power of aligning your goals with metrics to showcase the impact made to the business.

Advisory Services

1:1 sessions offered by Brilliant Muse Founder, Michelle Toth, to help leaders understand their “why” so that they can lead with intention, get crystal clear on their goals, and create thriving teams of happy people who wake up every day ready to make a difference.

I just finished my annual performance review and wanted to share the huge amount of impact Brilliant Muse has had on our program this year. You are such wonderful partners and we're beyond grateful for your hard work & dedication to our teams. THANK YOU!

-  Doodles PgM Lead, Google

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Ready to breathe some life back into you and your team?

Let’s connect about how Brilliant Muse can help you and your team stay fresh and focused.

Got an invigorating topic you want to share with others?

Get in touch with us about being a Featured Teacher with Brilliant Muse - we love to give others a platform because we are better when we are together!

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