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At Brilliant Muse we pride ourselves in our diverse network of talent so that your experience working with us is unique to your needs and feels like a natural fit.

We’re diverse, but that’s what makes working with Brilliant Muse so special. We are first and foremost problem solvers, and we’ll make sure we find you the missing puzzle piece to complete your project, team, or program.

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Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.

- Amy Poehler

Brilliant Muse can help you with:



Projects that have a specified end date, require ongoing management, or coverage for life events and short-term gaps


Gaining visibility and getting promoted - we elevate you and your work through measurement and reporting to show impact and help  you shine


Personally and professionally living your life with passion, enthusiasm, and radical well-being

Our Services

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Through creative problem-solving and strong execution, we ensure that you shine and your projects exceed goals with measurable impact.

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Bringing calm to chaos and helping you focus on the bigger picture by minimizing risk, maximizing investment, and finding efficiencies.

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Providing you a portfolio of lifestyle offerings and trusted experts to help you thrive, returning to your natural state of health & balance.

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Based on our Centers of Excellence and sheer passion, these individual or team sessions are designed to inform and inspire.

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Working with us sounds fun, doesn’t it?

We think so, too. Let’s connect about your needs and get to solving problems and making progress together.

Who are we already helping?

Check out our partnerships to learn more about who we spend our time with.

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