Spring Clean your Life — How to Refocus, Rest, & Restore your Beautiful-self to its Natural Balance

Updated: Jun 22, 2021


When I used to hear the word “cleanse” it made me want to roll my eyes and run for the hills. But since studying Ayurveda, I’ve found the word now triggers excitement. And cleanses have become a welcomed seasonal routine that allows me to slow down, evaluate my lifestyle habits, and reset. Cleanse = Me Time. And that's exciting!

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For me, a cleanse is the best excuse to make sleep a priority. It gives me “permission” with myself and my family to go to bed before 10pm, which makes getting up with the sun so.much.easier. Keeping in sync with the rhythms of nature, such as your circadian rhythm, is key to feeling balanced. And we all know how amazing we feel — and how our skin glows — after a solid eight hours of slumber.

A Simplified Spring Cleanse Adaptable for All

In March, we hosted a 7-day simplified Spring Cleanse based on the science-backed, ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. It wasn't simply focused on diet, it didn’t include deprivation, and there were no supplements (or anything else) to buy. It was all about 100% rejuvenation — a gentle detox for your mind, body, and spirit — to feel lighter, brighter, and ready to transition into the new season with enthusiasm!

There was a huge focus on lifestyle and being curious about how we spend our hours throughout each day and our efforts to create balance. Foundational principles such as movement, meditation, breath, nature, journaling, laughter, and love were woven into our approach. [spoiler alert: understanding how to use your five senses to foster homeostasis is the secret sauce].

Set Your Intentions

Rest your physical body by eating nourishing easily digestible