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Trusted Teamwork with Del Oro Consulting

Working with people you know and trust makes everything so much easier and fun! When building teams at Cisco, we worked with Del Oro Consulting and was impressed by the quality and caliber of people they have representing their company.

Fast forward years later when we joined forces to help a client augment their marketing organization. We quickly built a process and structure that was efficient and effective. My awesome duo at Del Oro was a joy to work with - they were super focused, very diligent, and we laughed a lot too,

Our team at Brilliant Muse believes in harnessing the power of collaboration, so we prioritize partnering with awesome teams to combine superpowers and strengthen our services. If you're interested in working with us please contact us so we can explore opportunities.

Del Oro Consulting addresses clients’ critical business problems by providing the highest level of consulting expertise tailored to their individual needs.


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