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Talent Boosting with EM Marketing

Some people may consider working WITH your competition crazy, scary, or not very smart. I take a different approach and believe that we each have our strengths and through collaboration, we are almost always able to help each other. Which feels great!

We value the relationship we've built with EM Marketing over the years. I share a s

imilar start-up story and personal values with Ken, the Founder and President, and our company values align as well. We enjoy working together to recruit and place awesome talent, focusing on matching the perfect resource to the specific project, resulting in a happy consultant and a long-lasting impactful engagement.

Our team at Brilliant Muse believes in harnessing the power of collaboration, so we prioritize partnering with awesome teams to combine superpowers and strengthen our services. If you're interested in working with us please contact us so we can explore opportunities.

EM Marketing is a full-service digital agency and a trusted resource for marketing talent.


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