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Champion Your Own Health with Nourishing Food: 24 Karrot Kitchen

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

We could not have been more excited when we heard that a "healthy" restaurant was opening in our local community. In fact, I tracked down the owner's contact information and introduced myself during the construction phase, offering a consolidated menu recommendation from our informal focus groups that included our kids. Thankfully she didn't find me obnoxious but greeted me with a big smile, an open heart, and some home-baked gluten-free goodies.

24 Karrot Kitchen is so much more than a "healthy" restaurant. Kathleen is an extreme athlete and passionate cook, receiving her MS degree in nutrition and integrative health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

She understands that nutrition, exercise, and the inclusion of whole foods in the diet are critical components of healthy living. She believes food is medicine and teaches preventive nutrition, supporting those with food intolerances, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases to improve quality of life.

As a Chopra certified teacher of Ayurveda, I understand the importance of nourishing food as one of the pillars to health and balance. Agni is our digestive fire and Ayurveda teaches "you are what you digest" not 'you are what you eat'. Here are some useful tips to eating for well-being:

  • Eat what is in season from local farmers

  • Eat the rainbow - your plate should be colorful and diverse

  • Eat mindfully - slow down, chew each bite until it's mush so it's simple to digest

  • Eat moderately - your stomach should be 2/3 full to allow room for the digestive juices to mix and churn with the food

  • Eat your largest meal around noon when the sun is highest and your digestion (agni) is too

  • Eat less after the sun goes down because your agni is lower and your body is getting ready for restorative sleep

Because our missions are aligned - helping people to achieve radical well-being - we partner on numerous projects that serve her customers, Brilliant Muse, and our community at large. Now is the time to embark on a new journey to live a complete life that balances all aspects of life and wellness. Choose to live life to the fullest!

Our team at Brilliant Muse believes in harnessing the power of collaboration, so we prioritize partnering with awesome teams to combine superpowers and strengthen our services. If you're interested in working with us please contact us so we can explore opportunities.

24 Karrot Kitchen's vision is to create a nurturing environment and inspire individuals and the community to champion their own health and well-being.


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