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Consultant Spotlight: Alison Butler, UX Program Manager

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Meet Alison! She is a Program Manager with Brilliant Muse, currently working on Google projects. She's our contractual guru - always making sure our clients are engaging with vendors in a seamless & compliant way. Learn more about Alison outside of work & what brought her to Brilliant Muse.

What one word describes how you feel when thinking about working with Brilliant Muse? GRATEFUL Describe your life before you started working with Michelle and Brilliant Muse: I was a stay at home mom with twin daughters in 3rd grade and a husband with a demanding career. I was active in our school PSO, but was not working outside of the home. My life seemed busy with the everyday “stuff”, but often felt disconnected to the “adult world”. I love being a mom but was ready to use the time my kids were at school to better myself and contribute financially to my family. "It felt good to have adult conversations and remember how it felt to contribute to a team and add value to an organization." How did you meet Michelle? We were both active members of our kiddos' school PSO, and went to the same yoga studio! What made you want to join the Brilliant Muse team? It was an opportunity I didn’t even know I wanted until I started and was able to flex the muscle that I forget about — my mind. It felt good to have adult conversations and remember how it felt to contribute to a team and add value to an organization. Another reason the opportunity was appealing was the flexibility of being able to work from home. It allows me to work around my kid’s and husband’s schedule and be home when my kids are home. It’s also nice to not have to “get ready” for work in the morning and can use that time to make breakfast and be present with my family without adding to the morning rush. What were the top 3 things you liked the most? Flexibility, people, and the working environment. What was the biggest "aha moment” or learning did you have from the experience? The busier I am, the more time I find in the day. Seems it should be the opposite, but it forces me to use my time wisely. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment every day and the power to get more done at work and in my personal life. Every minute counts and I choose to make the best of each day!

If you're interested in joining our amazing team, please contact us so we can learn more about you.


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