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Brilliant Muse: Bringing Humanity to the Workplace

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

How a human-centered approach to work is the foundation for avoiding burnout and finding balance.

Over the past few years, we at Brilliant Muse have grown in a variety of ways

amidst a sea of change. While much of the corporate world was entering Remote Work 101 due to the pandemic, we were teaching the class. This edge not only benefited our clients, but attracted top-notch talent to our evolving team. And because personal well-being has long been prioritized within our culture, we were paces ahead when it came to avoiding burnout, finding balance, and remaining productive. Here are some of the ways our approach to work at Brilliant Muse has become even more important now than ever.

Humans First, Consultants Second

Since the beginning, our Musers have focused on bringing their humanity to the workplace. We lead with empathy and nurture strong connections across our consultants and clients, building lasting relationships with those around us that enrich the experience of working together. Research shows that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50% and employees that are happy at work take 10x fewer sick days than unhappy employees. We look for talent that understands that the human factor is a key element to building and sustaining collaborative partnerships with our clients and colleagues.

An essential part of our human-centered approach is understanding that work is just one aspect of our multifaceted lives. The prevailing default mode for work (the 9-5, 40-hour week) doesn’t have much room for the modern realities of living. Between long commutes, kids, pets, and laundry, so many logistics and commitments happen outside our work lives. In the early 1900s, this system benefited households that relied on one income-generating partner while the other domestic partner focused solely on managing the household resulting in the siloing of professional and personal responsibilities. In 2022, we’re trying to juggle and perfect the many roles we play all at once, yet many employers are "old school" and resistant to adapting to our current times.

At Brilliant Muse, we don't pretend that our work life has to create rigid limits on our personal lives. We have the flexibility to tailor our work life to incorporate our personal needs. For example, no approvals are needed to take an hour off for a doctor’s appointment at 9 am or walk the dog at 1 pm, or pick up kids from school at 3 pm. We know “butts in seats” hours are so much less interesting (cue the yawn) than the powerful results and impacts driven by our empowered team (cue the confetti!). And treating our people like trustworthy and dependable humans opens up a whole new working dynamic.

“I never knew this type of work/life balance was possible, especially after working in ad agencies my entire career. It’s so apparent that Michelle truly wants her people to be happy and fulfilled, and mental health is extremely important.” - Jessie Evarts, Project Manager at Google

Since the 9-5, 40-hour work week was filled with inherently rote tasks and designed to maximize output in the industrial age, it makes sense that we would feel haunted by a framework that no longer serves us. At Brilliant Muse, our 100% remote team of experts provides top-notch project management talent to help our global tech clients take their business to the next level– nothing rote about it.

Happiness = Productivity & Retention

Through our human-centered approach to hiring and management, we’ve found that our consultants consistently drive measurable impact for their teams while reporting higher satisfaction with their roles. Our average tenure is 2+ years which is much longer than the "gig economy" data shows, and we have a few amazing people that have worked with us for more than 7 years. Our talent is "hand-selected" - we meticulously vet our candidates to ensure a seamless match to our clients’ needs and to our supportive culture at Brilliant Muse. Everything we do is relational and not transitional which results in long-term success and sets us apart from the temp or staffing agency world.

One huge factor in retaining our stellar talent is our flexibility not only in working hours but in working location. This attitude toward remote work profoundly impacts the personal lives of our consultants and their families. Check out our blog that shares 5 lessons on how to feel connected, in control, and empowered when working remotely.

“I moved across the country for my husband's medical training without the added hassle of looking for a new role. And since I wasn’t on the market for a new role, he could apply to programs without worrying if they were in large cities with available jobs in my field”

- Charlie Deese, Project Manager at Google

We all have dynamic, changing personal lives which sometimes involve relocation. According to research by Oxford University's Saïd Business School, happy employees are 13% more productive, so why lose talent when you can adapt to people’s needs and put the human first?

Making Holistic Fulfillment Possible

As Musers, we feel passionate about the work we do with our clients, but we also feel passionate about our families, our hobbies, and our communities. Our people take the driver's seat in their personal and professional lives and set their own standard for work/life balance.

“Over the years, the flexibility allowed me to volunteer in the classroom, serve on various committees in our community, transport kiddos to extracurricular activities, and cheer from the sidelines at their events. I'm so grateful that I have been able to be a professional AND care for my family creating a life that is happy, healthy, and balanced.”

- Michelle Toth, Founder of Brilliant Muse

We are proud of our ability to balance our robust personal lives with our exciting careers. And our special sauce is creating teams that thrive because health and wellness are a top priority. We’re always looking for talent who can adapt easily to roles that include a lot of flexibility and self-motivation to manage a diverse portfolio of challenging projects. If that sounds like you, check out our open positions for more info. We would love to meet you.


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