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Implementing training workshops to reduce error & save time

After identifying a high error rate in submissions to a client’s QA workflow, Brilliant Muse introduced and executed multiple training sessions targeting specific error types, which significantly decreased the error rate for incoming submissions over the following quarter.

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Brilliant Muse manages a QA workflow where requestors send their project strategy for review and optimization. Brilliant identified a high error rate in submissions to their QA workflow in Q1.


Brilliant Muse developed and led 3 training sessions for requesters that focused on improving strategy, request timing, and tooling support. Brilliant Muse followed up each training session with a satisfaction survey to understand the impact of these training sessions on attendees.


Over the next quarter, the participant recruiting team saw an average of 21% drop in error rate. Additionally, 86% of the participants in the training agreed the training sessions were a good use of their time.

Path Forward

The feedback from the satisfaction surveys indicated that more 1x1 interventions would be helpful in addition to large training sessions. Brilliant Muse drove the implementation of an office hours service with global time zone coverage to ensure requestors were getting the QA feedback and support they needed, when they needed it.

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