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Spearheading use of agile in marketing teams leads
to higher conversions

Brilliant Muse’s client has an aggressive marketing-generated revenue goal which would benefit from implementing agile practices, however, their organization was change-averse. 


Brilliant Muse helped the client implement agile marketing which improved productivity by 27% within the first three months.

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Brilliant Muse’s client, an American multinational technology conglomerate that develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware and software, had an internal resistance to new approaches, tools, and processes. They also lacked experience in agile, and did not have a scrum master to lead the charge. The client had aggressive marketing-generated revenue goals through inbound and content marketing (paid/earned/owned).


Brilliant Muse helped implement agile marketing. This was an end-to-end initiative that involved influencing, change management, planning, execution, and measurement. Steps taken to create impact included:

  • Aligned on a marketing plan to the agile structure so that there was consistency and helped influence leadership

  • Fostered extreme collaboration to work through doubt and uncertainty - story writing, scrum best practices, tool training 

  • Diligently explored scrum master candidates that had the determination needed to be successful

  • Created and optimized landing pages with AB testing


  • Cross-functional teams working in agile environment within 6 weeks

  • Improved productivity by 27% within the first three months

  • Hired a dynamic and strong scrum master who welcomed the challenge 

  • AB testing had early results showing conversions up by over 80%

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