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Creating a more balanced & energetic life

Using Ayurvedic principles, Michelle was able to empower her client and help them feel lighter and more capable in their everyday life.

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Michelle Toth, Brilliant Muse Founder and Chopra certified Ayurveda Teacher, had a client come to her that was feeling stuck in negative beliefs. Their desires were to explore who they were and what they wanted out of life, feel more balanced and energized, see beauty & potential around and within themselves, and work through unexpected family issues and trauma.


Together, Michelle and her client worked together to create a space to express thoughts openly in a way that was curious, kind, and non-judgmental. In weekly coaching sessions they focused on purpose & legacy, intention & meaning, and Shadow work. Michelle taught her client about the Ayurvedic lifestyle principles based on dosha, and they co-created lifestyle behaviors with accountability.


Michelle’s client reported that they did not experience an annual burnout or crash of sickness that they were once used to. Additionally, they were able to increase their self-awareness through thought patterns and physical symptoms and create more daily, healthy habits. This helped them have more consistent feelings of “peaceful” and “centered”.

"In a day and age where there is an inordinate amount of ‘noise’ all around us, it’s easy to derail and get caught up with unhealthy choices and create destructive habits. Coaching is how one can stay elevated and functioning on a higher level."

Stella Skaljac, Esq., SHRM-SCP, Founder of ImagineHR

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