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Mitigating legal & compliance risk with data teams can trust

Our client’s current tracking systems for vendor contracts did not meet the evolving needs of our client’s programs. We conducted a full audit of our vendor tracking systems to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

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Our client wanted to reduce redundancies and increase accuracy & efficiencies in our vendor contract tracking systems.


We identified contracts with approaching expiration dates allowing for proactive solutions to ensure continuity of work, compliance, and quality.


We found multiple agencies without active security assessments and immediately initiated the process for them.


We increased data accuracy, provided stakeholders with a trusted data source, mitigated potential legal & compliance risks, and streamlined the tracking process.


We discovered ways to combine and reduce duplicative trackers by 42%, driving velocity and minimizing the possibilities for incorrect data by human error.

Of the reduced number of trackers, we developed 4 new and improved trackers that better serve multiple agency management team’s purposes, reducing risk and saving time for full time employees.

Path Forward

We researched an internal database tool as an option for further efficiency and determined it could be better used for our tracking purposes. We’re currently working on that evolution.

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