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Creating concise, actionable reporting

Brilliant Muse’s client team struggled to obtain actionable insights and to understand the impact of the text-heavy reports they were receiving from another team.


Brilliant Muse developed a new, narrative-driven format for the team's monthly and quarterly reports.

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A client team came to Brilliant Muse because the monthly and quarterly reporting they were receiving was text-heavy, lacked clear impact, and missed key insights. Teams were struggling to find the value of the reports and time invested.


Brilliant Muse executed a production sprint with frequent touch points with key stakeholders for real-time feedback as they developed a new, narrative-driven format for the monthly and quarterly reports. 


The new quarterly reports have saved the client team time because they are now less in the weeds of each report, no longer digging for insights themselves. With actionable insights presented in a clear, concise way, the team has been able to less time trying to understand the metrics and more time discussing insights and optimizations.

"Previously, the format made it difficult to follow and we often didn't get into the 'so what' of each slide"

- UX Program Manager

Path Forward

Brilliant Muse has now taken over both quarterly and monthly reporting for this team, as well as reporting from several other teams reporting to our client team. 

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