Heal thyself & pump up the volume on life with ayurveda


Michelle was a 50-year-old entrepreneur, mom, and wife living a very “busy,” happy, and fulfilling life. But she wasn’t feeling her best and that slowed her down. She started experiencing more serious symptoms that required medical attention and medication.


  • Perimenopausal symptoms

  • Anxiety/depression

  • SVT (abnormal heart rhythm) 

  • Insomnia

  • Bloating

  • Brain fog

  • Burn out (busy, but bored)

  • Substance abuse


She began following an Ayurvedic lifestyle approach which is gentle and holistic. The practices helped her reduce or eliminate most symptoms (and medication!) and create a strong foundation for living a long and vibrant life.

  • Incorporate nature into daily life

  • Meditation and breathwork

  • Movement

  • Plant-based ayurvedic diet for dosha, focusing on nutrients and nourishment

  • Follow circadian rhythm with sleep

  • Regularly scheduled meals

  • Reduced toxins - physical and emotional: news, social media, negative people

  • Sync with seasons


  • More clarity and focus

  • Increased and sustained energy

  • Improved relationships

  • Sleep through the night and fall asleep easily

  • Substance free life

  • SVT (heart) symptoms gone

  • RX/Med free

  • Reduced bloating, weight loss


We strongly believe people of every race, religion, orientation, and background are to be accepted and treated with dignity. We will continue to push outside our own comfort zones and stay in the conversation.

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