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Heal thyself & pump up the volume on life with ayurveda


Michelle was a 50-year-old entrepreneur, mom, and wife living a very “busy,” happy, and fulfilling life. But she wasn’t feeling her best and that slowed her down. She started experiencing more serious symptoms that required medical attention and medication.


  • Perimenopausal symptoms

  • Anxiety/depression

  • SVT (abnormal heart rhythm) 

  • Insomnia

  • Bloating

  • Brain fog

  • Burn out (busy, but bored)

  • Substance abuse


She began following an Ayurvedic lifestyle approach which is gentle and holistic. The practices helped her reduce or eliminate most symptoms (and medication!) and create a strong foundation for living a long and vibrant life.

  • Incorporate nature into daily life

  • Meditation and breathwork

  • Movement

  • Plant-based Ayurvedic diet for dosha, focusing on nutrients and nourishment

  • Follow circadian rhythm with sleep

  • Regularly scheduled meals

  • Reduced toxins — physical and emotional: news, social media, negative people

  • Sync with seasons


  • More clarity and focus

  • Increased and sustained energy

  • Improved relationships

  • Sleep through the night and fall asleep easily

  • Substance free life

  • SVT (heart) symptoms gone

  • RX/Med free

  • Reduced bloating, weight loss

Watch this excerpt of Michelle talking about her journey to living a life of radical well-being!

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