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Revamping internal tools to meet current teams' needs

In March ‘23, Brilliant Muse and our client’s internal agency onboarding team collaborated on the organization and management of a tool that tracks and displays agencies’ rates and corresponding countries of service.

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The client had an inactive tool that tracked and displayed external agencies' rates and corresponding countries of service, but it needed to be revamped to meet the current program needs.


We provided UX researchers with a comprehensive repository of agency rates to assist in the bid and selection process, ensuring cost effectiveness, regional representation, and identification of service gaps.


By upholding a single source of truth for stakeholders, the tool is centrally maintained and updated


  • Agency listings increased by 194% (from 18 to 53)

  • Country representation increased by 175% (from 32 to 88)

  • 6 off-roster agencies that were originally listed on the tool have now been removed

Path Forward

Driven by quality, this agency rates platform is now an up-to-date, trusted data source for our research agency team’s contract rates. 


The tool increases visibility of program offerings, provides a cost savings tool to assist in the bid process, and reduces inefficiencies.

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