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Spearheading Use of Agile in Marketing Teams Leads to Higher Conversions

Brilliant Muse helped implement agile marketing which improved productivity by 27% within the first three months. This was an end-to-end initiative that involved influencing, change management, planning, execution, and measurement. 


American multinational technology conglomerate that develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.


  • No case studies existed for marketing adoption of agile (used for developers typically)

  • Internal resistance to new approach, tools, and processes

  • Lacked experienced scrum master to lead the charge

  • Aggressive marketing-generated revenue goals through inbound and content marketing (paid/earned/owned)


  • Aligned marketing plan to the agile structure so that there was consistency and helped influence leadership

  • Extreme collaboration to work through doubt and uncertainty - story writing, scrum best practices, tool training 

  • Diligent exploration of scrum master candidates that had the determination needed to be successful

  • Created optimized landing pages with AB testing


  • Cross-functional teams working in agile environment within 6 weeks

  • Improved productivity by 27% within the first three months

  • Hired a dynamic and strong scrum master who welcomed the challenge 

  • AB testing had early results showing conversions up by over 80%

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