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Meet Brilliant Muse: Passionately Helping People At Work and At Play

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

feet up looking at the beauty of nature

I created Brilliant Muse as a way to have a more balanced life. My clients were based in Silicon Valley, and I was fortunate enough to have too many projects and too little time. I needed some extra helping hands. ASAP. As a working mama to twin boys in preschool, my days were quickly spiraling out of control.

So, I asked for help. And began the recruiting process searching for smart, motivated, and cool people to work with. We built an amazing team quickly, but with intention.

Because of the caliber of our people and the quality of our work, our client portfolio grew and we have established ourselves as the trusted agency for numerous global teams.

We’ve grown organically and broadened our offering to include wellness, because we know from experience that imbalance can wreak havoc personally, professionally, in our communities and our world. 

I’m fiercely passionate about helping others and hope our message will inspire many, elevating us all to a bright and shining future.

With love and humility,


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