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Keeping Stakeholders Happy and Increasing Quality During Growing Pains

Brilliant Muse provided program management to help scale rapidly growing team and maintain stakeholder satisfaction of infrastructure services supporting global research programs.


American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products.


  • Demand for global user research growing exponentially

  • Ensuring compliance with the privacy, security and legal requirements

  • Consistent delivery of quality tools & services to support global research


Brilliant Muse provided program management services that focused on the following:

  • Created a request initiation and assignment process that included criteria for prioritization, CSAT, and measurement dashboards

  • Streamlined contract management working with legal to ensure compliance and faster turnaround time

  • Global social media strategy and execution to increase program visibility and results

  • Development of numerous sites to promote tools & resources to stakeholders


  • Key indicators to measure growth and stakeholder satisfaction so we could proactively add resources and optimize the program

  • Shorter time to green light programs with 3rd party vendors

  • Larger portfolio of suppliers to choose from without overloading one, plus performance measures established to maintain quality

  • Stakeholders more self-sufficient which decreased the load on the team 

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